Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #151

  1. codger
  2. couchant
  3. faro
  4. stentorian
  5. vervet

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Asked where the tourist could get his watch repaired, Jim replied, "Take it to Mr. Quisby on Fleet Street. He's been fixing watches for over fifty years, and if you can endure his eccentricities, that old will fix it right up for you, chap."

Never able to resist a game of , the cowboy downed a shot of whiskey, slapped a 50-cent chip on the board and waited for the dealer—known in those days as the "banker"—to draw two cards.

Approaching the New York Public Library, a visitor encounters Patience and Fortitude, two marble lions that have become both the mascots and trademark of the institution. Lying with their bodies on stone slabs, the beasts appear to be sending a dual message: Their outstretched paws welcome the visitor while their raised heads warn that they will protect the knowledge contained within.

"Attention! About face! Present arms! Forward march!" the commander directed in tones. Each cadet could feel the booming voice passing through his body.

I run a monkey sanctuary in South Africa. We'll take any monkey harmed or threated by man, but I must admit I have an affinity for the . I find beautiful expression in their jet-black faces surrounded by light gray hair.


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