Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #148

  1. charwoman
  2. chiffonier
  3. courtier
  4. couturier
  5. cribriform

Put the correct word's number in each box:

That bucket will not hold water; its base is . It's more of a sieve than a bucket.

No respectable woman of the West End would clean a house, so to perform the household chores, the Victorian aristocrat hired a from the East End.

Mrs. Kennedy's gown, designed by world-famous Oleg Cassini, has been a topic of conversation among dress designers for decades.

"I sell only furniture that begins with the letter c," the eccentric shopkeeper said. "If you need a cupboard, credenza or , you come to me."

Sir Walter Raleigh returned to England in 1581 and soon became a . While he was attending the court, Queen Elizabeth took a liking to him. Raleigh was knighted in 1585.


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