Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #146

  1. dactyl
  2. daft
  3. deftly
  4. hoicks
  5. inured

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I've got the final scene for my action film," the screenwriter told the producer. "At the last moment, the pilot manages to get the plane under control. He the craft, missing the tower and avoiding a collision. The steep ascension causes a panic among the passengers, but the distress is brief and my hero and heroine fly away safely. Roll credits."

"The hand grenade went off prematurely, and I lost a ," Tom said, holding up his right hand to reveal a missing digit.

An expert baker, Rosemary kneads the dough. Her experienced hands press and stretch, developing the gluten to perfection.

After seventeen years of cross-country skiing, Walter was to the chilling gusts and stinging snow.

Grandmother spends her days talking to the furniture and writing to my dead grandfather, who she believes is still fighting World War II. She's gone .


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