Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #145

  1. in flagrante delicto
  2. portly
  3. schismatic
  4. solipsistic
  5. surcease

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Majoring in philosophy can give one a worldview. During my first year of college, I came to believe my mind was the only mind in the universe.

Once a part of the Roman Catholic Church, this splinter group—led by a named Lartin Muther—incorporated Eastern philosophy into their Christian beliefs.

A decade ago, Tom was a professional athlete and model. Ten years of feasting and inactivity, however, has left him ; the only modeling he can do now is for over-sized clothes.

"Sorry about the guilty verdict in the art theft case," the seasoned attorney told his younger colleague. "Not much you can do when the cops corner your guy with a Degas in his hands. Even F. Lee Bailey wouldn't be able to get an acquittal when the client is caught ."

"In my opinion, if Scofflaw Magazines, Inc. continues in their efforts to publish your short story, they will be in a clear violation of your copyright" the attorney told the author. "I'll send them a cease-and-desist letter, but I doubt it will cause them to their publication process. These fly-by-night publishing houses couldn't care less about intellectual property."


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