Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #144

  1. frikkadels
  2. gingerly
  3. langouste
  4. peachy
  5. piebald

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I'm so glad you brought me to a seafood restaurant for our anniversary," she told her husband. "You know my weakness for crustaceans. Oh, look!" she said, pointing at the menu. "Their special is a thermidor. Cream, mustard, sherry and spiny lobster...that sounds delicious."

In the market for a horse, Susan went to the ranch. Unable to choose between a black Kladruber and a white Arabian, she decided she wanted a horse that was both black and white, so she purchased a Pinto.

"When Sarah cuts my hair I look like a peasant girl who can't afford a comb, but when that brilliant cosmologist Jaques gives me a hairdo, I look !"

Last time I was in South Africa an Afrikaner taught me how to make . I prefer them to Swedish meatballs.

Not knowing what the abandoned luggage contained, members of the bomb squad approached the suitcase .


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