Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #143

  1. aerie
  2. benignant
  3. dipsomania
  4. epicene
  5. pampa

Put the correct word's number in each box:

While flying over South America my engine failed abruptly. Luckily, I spotted the . That grass-covered plain provided a surprisingly smooth landing.

Edgar tried everything from Alcoholics Anonymous to self-hypnosis, but nothing allowed him to conquer his . He died of liver cirrhosis.

"You want me to date a fop like Tom?" Melissa sneered. "Tom is hardly an example of masculinity. I find him quite ."

Pursued by paparazzi everywhere she goes, actress Susan Bernhardt finds some privacy in her . In her elevated estate hidden in the Rocky Mountains, she enjoys an indoor swimming pool and a personal chef.

King Philip was a ruler; his subjects loved him for his fairness and graciousness. King Edward, in contradistinction, was hated by his subjects who viewed him as a malignant force in their kingdom.


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