Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #142

  1. pas de deux
  2. pother
  3. sardoodledom
  4. saturnalia
  5. saturnine

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Did you read what the Times published about my latest work?" the playwright asked the actress. "The reviewer acknowledged that my play was inspired by Shaw's Major Barbara, but he claimed my plot was predictable and cliché, and that no one would believe any of my characters. He called my work a !"

After two months of battle, the soldiers reveled in a victory . The whiskey flowed and the whores worked overtime.

Mark and Matt are twins, but their personalities could not be more different. Mark is cheerful, warm and enthusiastic. Matt is .

For six months, Mayor Reynolds and Governor Cleveland worked closely to resolve the seemingly intractable budget crisis. The mayor attempted to get the best deal for her city while the governor tried to do what was best for the state. The press provided daily front-page coverage of Reynolds and Cleveland's .

The instability of stock prices had the traders in a . Their agitation was justified: In less than three days the market crashed.


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