Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #140

  1. insouciance
  2. jabot
  3. junta
  4. jury-rigged
  5. po-faced

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"The latest antics of the Royals have met with strong disapproval from the Queen," the BBC reporter said. "While millions of Brits have chortled at their saucy antics, the Queen remains , her usual humorless and stoic self."

On the eve of the American Revolution, Mayor Hicks addressed the New York City council. Frocked in his most expensive waistcoat with a lace carefully sewn onto both sides of his shirt's opening, the mayor appeared tense and anxious.

Having lost their supply of potable water, the sailors a distiller from a copper bowl, sheet metal, some pipe and charcoal. Their contraption turned seawater into something drinkable.

Blithe and lighthearted, Mary flaunted her , "Me, care about something? Not a chance! Nothing concerns me; I want only to be as free as the wind."

General Sanchez and his men conquered the small country and quickly established a . Under Sanchez's military dictatorship, approximately ten percent of the population starved to death.


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