Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #139

  1. abstemious
  2. accede
  3. adumbrate
  4. back-formation
  5. baneful

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"If you want to secure some venture capital," the business school professor said, "you must give your potential investors a detailed, specific business plan. Do not your goals and processes. Investors reject vague outlines; they want to know everything."

Reluctant at first, Jennifer's father spent several days contemplating Mitch's request. On Friday, the father sat down with the suitor and said, "Mitch, you seem a fine young man with gainful employment. I ; you may have my daughter's hand in marriage."

"Statistic" is a of "statistics." Other examples of this form of clipping include "haze" from "hazy," "ghostwrite" from "ghostwriter," and "flab" from "flabby."

"There can be no life on that planet," the astronomer asserted. "It has a atmosphere that would kill even microbes."

"I must lose ten pounds," Mary said. "So I'll need be for at least the next two months."


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