Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #137

  1. Wisteria
  2. beagles
  3. sublimed
  4. swaddling
  5. tesseract

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The alchemists believed lead could be into gold.

"Well, he survived the crash," the doctor informed the family, "but he suffered third-degree burns on his arms. In the emergency room, a nurse is his upper body with bandages."

In the fall of 1888, the East End's —and those who fancied themselves detectives—were busy trying to find Jack the Ripper.

The four-dimensional analog of a cube is a .

"Darlin', I put a down payment on a little place in the Bluegrass State," the groom told his bride on their wedding night. "You're gonna be sweet on the color...an azure that matches that blue-purple vine you adore. What's it called?" Snapping his fingers he said, "I got it...Kentucky ."


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