Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #136

  1. confabulated
  2. conflate
  3. diaspora
  4. egress
  5. ingress

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I love a good chin-wag," Mrs. Beatrice said. "Years ago I had a friend who lived down the road. We chatted every afternoon. We must have over a thousand times before she moved to Maine."

"Under the authority of our almighty leader King Dracon, I forbid all to the land of Mapiqua," the guard told the family. "Your request to enter our country is denied."

"Your plans for the water system will lead to disaster," the engineer said. "Look at this subsystem over here. You've provided no for this pool. Without an exit for that high influx of water, the surrounding areas will flood quickly."

Many Christians the New Testament gospels into a "mega-gospel" fusing each book's unique elements and discarding any contradictions. Bible students would be wise, however, to consider each book individually.

The drought, and its resulting famine, caused a . The once closely-knit culture was spread across the continent, never to be reunited.


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