Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #135

  1. conviviality
  2. peremptory
  3. raiment
  4. warblers
  5. winnowing

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I have thrown a dish of lentils into the ashes," Cinderella's step-mother told her. "You are to remove every lentil from the mix. If you are finished with your within two hours, you may go with us to the ball and participate in the . If you fail, there will be no festivities for you." Cinderella tried to protest, attempting to explain the difficulty of the task, but her step-mother raised a finger, halting all conversation. "Now I must go myself," the step-mother said. "Oh, I shall be resplendent in my little pink taffeta dress! But first, the girdle." Turning on her heel and exiting the room, she added, "Ta-ta, Cindy!" Cinderella ran into the garden, looked to the sky and called on the birds to assist her. All species flew to her aid, except the who never cared much for Cinderella.


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