Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #134

  1. brackish
  2. bract
  3. codswallop
  4. intercostal
  5. spindrift

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Do not confuse the poinsettia's with its flower," the botanist told her students.

The external muscles assist in inhalation.

On a windy day in late September, we walked along the ocean's shore. The saline aroma from the water filled our noses. The hit our faces, dampening us and making us aware of the long, wet winter to come.

Initially we found this prominent member of the Labour Party to be a politician of brilliant oration—not the typical claptrap one hears from those seeking public office. When we attended more of his speeches, however, we heard nothing but bromide after bromide and concluded that he was a typical pol spouting nothing but .


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