Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #133

  1. Zetetic
  2. zenocratically
  3. zeroth
  4. ziggurats
  5. zithering

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Thanks to the buzzing insects, I can't perform in Shakespeare in the Park," the actress complained. "All those bugs distract me and make it impossible for me to remember my lines."

Scientists who are members of the Society take their investigations seriously. Repeating their experiments ad nauseam, they take nothing for granted, much like the ancient Greek skeptics.

"With the authority of my father Zeus," Apollo told the mortals, "I cast a plague on all of you." Administering such -justified torments is one of the benefits afforded a child of the ruler of Mount Olympus.

The initial element in a zero-based sequence is called the element," the math professor said. "You'll find this in computer science, where many arrays are zero-based."

Philip Babel, the internationally-recognized architect, designed his latest building as a step-pyramid with terraces on every stair. When a reporter asked what inspired Mr. Babel's design, the architect responded, "It's nothing new, really. My design was inspired by the found in Mesopotamia."


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