Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #132

  1. ailurophile
  2. animists
  3. heresiologist
  4. lepidopterists
  5. sommelier

Put the correct word's number in each box:

An to the end, he left his entire fortune—estimated to be over ten million dollars—to his cat.

"We serve a 1991 Pinot Noir and a 1993 Bordeaux," the said. "We also serve a 1992 Merlot, but I don't recommend it. That year's grapes were not up to my standards."

As a Christian , I have studied the Gnostics. I find their unorthodox beliefs not only iconoclastic, but also bizarre.

"The monarch butterflies have not returned this season," the cable news reporter told the audience. "This baffles who, for at least the last 100 years, have been studying the insects here in their natural habitat."

Some believe that not only do humans have souls, but everyday articles also contain a spirit.


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