Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #131

  1. chronique scandaleuse
  2. droit du seigneur
  3. modus vivendi
  4. Devanagari
  5. modus ponens

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The Hindi language employs the writing system.

"I don't love my husband," the resigned housewife admitted. "I can't even say I like him very much. But, for the sake of the children, we have reached a and life goes on."

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have established that if Mrs. Tammany put the poison in Mr. Tammany's soup, then Mrs. Tammany murdered her husband. Well, I will provide one Miss Maples who saw Mrs. Tammany drop the arsenic into the broth, and you will, by , determine that Mrs. Tammany is the killer. It's simple logic, really."

Legend says she was the product of a . On her mother's wedding night—or so the story goes—the lord exercised his right to copulate with the bride before handing her off to her husband.

"You set out to write a serious biography of a troubled actress," the writing professor told his student. "Instead, you have produced a of Marilyn Monroe's life. You've included every salacious tidbit of gossip you could find, but not one word about her association with the famous acting teacher Lee Strasberg."


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