Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #131

  1. chronique scandaleuse
  2. droit du seigneur
  3. modus vivendi
  4. Devanagari
  5. modus ponens

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I don't love my husband," the resigned housewife admitted. "I can't even say I like him very much. But, for the sake of the children, we have reached a and life goes on."

Legend says she was the product of a . On her mother's wedding night—or so the story goes—the lord exercised his right to copulate with the bride before handing her off to her husband.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I have established that if Mrs. Tammany put the poison in Mr. Tammany's soup, then Mrs. Tammany murdered her husband. Well, I will provide one Miss Maples who saw Mrs. Tammany drop the arsenic into the broth, and you will, by , determine that Mrs. Tammany is the killer. It's simple logic, really."

"You set out to write a serious biography of a troubled actress," the writing professor told his student. "Instead, you have produced a of Marilyn Monroe's life. You've included every salacious tidbit of gossip you could find, but not one word about her association with the famous acting teacher Lee Strasberg."

The Hindi language employs the writing system.


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