Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #129

  1. mutatis mutandis
  2. margarined
  3. moonwort
  4. mulct
  5. muliebrity

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"If you jaywalk in my town," the mayor said, "the municipal court will you. Your fine, for the first offense, will be fifty dollars."

"I suspect this fern is a ," Sally said. "But let's take it to the university's botanist, just to be sure."

"You are a crass and vulgar wretch," Mr. Macbeth told his wife. "There's not a jot of femininity in you. Why can't you exhibit just a hint of ?"

The post-Internet communications laws correspond with their pre-Internet counterparts. The senate made only the changes necessitated by new, specific technologies.

Estelle can't get enough oleo. Using a butter knife, she her bread on both sides.


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