Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #129

  1. mutatis mutandis
  2. margarined
  3. moonwort
  4. mulct
  5. muliebrity

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I suspect this fern is a ," Sally said. "But let's take it to the university's botanist, just to be sure."

"If you jaywalk in my town," the mayor said, "the municipal court will you. Your fine, for the first offense, will be fifty dollars."

The post-Internet communications laws correspond with their pre-Internet counterparts. The senate made only the changes necessitated by new, specific technologies.

Estelle can't get enough oleo. Using a butter knife, she her bread on both sides.

"You are a crass and vulgar wretch," Mr. Macbeth told his wife. "There's not a jot of femininity in you. Why can't you exhibit just a hint of ?"


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