Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #128

  1. acromegaly
  2. agora
  3. aposiopesises
  4. prosopopoeia
  5. saccades

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I created the most neurotic character," the writing student told his teacher. "He speaks only in because he's always changing his mind. Throughout the novel he doesn't utter even one complete sentence."

"Doctor, the patient's hands and feet have nearly tripled in size," said the nurse-practitioner. "I suspect she is suffering from ."

"In this piece," the director told the actor,"the narrator engages in . The narrator assumes the voice and stance of several characters, speaking as if he temporarily becomes them. This provides some unique acting challenges."

Aristotle went to the to buy some vegetables and converse with fellow Athenians.

When we study a scene, we do not stare at one point only. Instead, our eyes perform many . The eyes jump from one area of the scene to another, and our brain computes the overall picture.


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