Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #127

  1. fountain-head
  2. gavotte
  3. gentoo
  4. inchoate
  5. intransigent

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I love the white stripe on the head of that ," Jenny told her father during their family's last trip to the Falkland Islands. "The stripe makes the penguin look like she's wearing a bonnet."

In 1991, Seth showed me some writing consisting of little more than an outline and a few paragraphs of character development. He spent years developing the piece and by 2000 he produced a critically-acclaimed novel.

Some viewed Reagan as an leader, unwilling to compromise with the Soviets and demanding their defeat.

"Mrs. Astor's balls are enjoyable," Alva Smith said, "but I sometimes tire of the minuet. I wish she would incorporate a into the evening. That French dance is a bit livelier."

Once the of reportage, the evening news lost primacy to Internet news sites.


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