Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #126

  1. prima facie
  2. abnegation
  3. addle
  4. balaclava
  5. exegesis

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The incident appeared, , to be a typical suicide. But after a closer look, investigators realized a killer was on the loose.

I remember my technophobic mother trying to use a laptop for the first time. The woman couldn't tell the difference between a web browser and a word processor.

Professor Bernard's of the Gospel according to Mark explained the importance of Mary Magdalene's visit to Christ's tomb.

Her hatred for her father's politics resulted in her of the inheritance. "I want nothing to do with that capitalist's money," she said.

"Johnny, there's a bad snow storm out there," Grandma said. "Don't forget your ." Not wanting to disappoint her, Johnny donned the ski mask before leaving.


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