Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #124

  1. Guernsey
  2. habiliments
  3. hebetude
  4. hie
  5. toothsome

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"If you value your life, Mr. Crane," the headless horseman snarled, "you'll out of Sleepy Hollow as fast as your horse can take you."

I've read countless books on motivation. I always get a good night's sleep. I've even tried pots of coffee, but I am unable to shake this . I go through my days dull and lethargic.

"Everything on the menu is delicious," Miss Connoistre said, "but the Seafood Fra Diavlo is remarkably savory. I recommend that dish."

Mr. Moreau chastised his new employee. "Jeans and t-shirts are not the of a refined butler," Mr. Moreau said. "In the future, I expect you to report in a tuxedo...and don't forget the black tie."

"This is Bessie," the farmer said, "she's a cow. Bessie is a little larger than the Jersey cows and her thick, yellowish milk is delicious."


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