Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #124

  1. Guernsey
  2. habiliments
  3. hebetude
  4. hie
  5. toothsome

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Mr. Moreau chastised his new employee. "Jeans and t-shirts are not the of a refined butler," Mr. Moreau said. "In the future, I expect you to report in a tuxedo...and don't forget the black tie."

I've read countless books on motivation. I always get a good night's sleep. I've even tried pots of coffee, but I am unable to shake this . I go through my days dull and lethargic.

"Everything on the menu is delicious," Miss Connoistre said, "but the Seafood Fra Diavlo is remarkably savory. I recommend that dish."

"If you value your life, Mr. Crane," the headless horseman snarled, "you'll out of Sleepy Hollow as fast as your horse can take you."

"This is Bessie," the farmer said, "she's a cow. Bessie is a little larger than the Jersey cows and her thick, yellowish milk is delicious."


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