Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #122

  1. MIRV
  2. billingsgate
  3. cabbaging
  4. connubial
  5. hoary

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The fishwife hurled expletives at the would-be pickpocket. Seemingly intimidated by her —including several words he'd never heard before—the thief aborted the robbery and disappeared into the London streets.

In his youth he had a stunning physique and jet-black hair. Sixty years later, he is a frail and man.

Nefarious for filching most of his supplies, the tailor realized huge profits by thread and cloth.

"We're going to be striking them with a ," General Billings said. "The ICBM carries warheads intended to hit at least three targets."

"Our bliss ended halfway through our honeymoon, when you made eyes at that cocktail waitress in Barcelona," Sally told her husband. "And now, I want a divorce."


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