Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #122

  1. MIRV
  2. billingsgate
  3. cabbaging
  4. connubial
  5. hoary

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Nefarious for filching most of his supplies, the tailor realized huge profits by thread and cloth.

The fishwife hurled expletives at the would-be pickpocket. Seemingly intimidated by her —including several words he'd never heard before—the thief aborted the robbery and disappeared into the London streets.

"We're going to be striking them with a ," General Billings said. "The ICBM carries warheads intended to hit at least three targets."

In his youth he had a stunning physique and jet-black hair. Sixty years later, he is a frail and man.

"Our bliss ended halfway through our honeymoon, when you made eyes at that cocktail waitress in Barcelona," Sally told her husband. "And now, I want a divorce."


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