Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #117

  1. élan vital
  2. éminence grise
  3. emendations
  4. emeritus
  5. emetic

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I've decided to retire from teaching at the end of this semester," Professor Wilkins told his wife. "The university will grant me the title of professor once I stop teaching."

Robert Willinger held neither a title nor an elected office, but Willinger's access to the president, combined with the president's unreserved respect for Robert, allowed Willinger to become an . From behind the scenes, Robert Willinger ran the country for years.

French philosopher Henri Bergson developed the concept of : the life force that Bergson hypothesized is the cause of evolution.

My manuscript was rejected several times. After countless , one publisher sent me an acceptance notice.

"Your daughter ingested an entire bottle of pain killers," Dr. Doe told the agitated mother. "I gave her an and vomiting has begun. I believe we caught it in time and we'll get most of the pain killers out of her system."


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