Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #112

  1. gumshoe
  2. hopsacks
  3. jabberwocky
  4. juju
  5. persnickety

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The Liberian woman braided some roots and presented them to her husband. Believing in West African superstitions, she hoped her would protect her husband in battle.

While reaching for a business card in his trench coat, Dick Tracy said to the platinum blonde, "For a thousand bucks a day, I'll be your ."

In 1851, John was born to Matthew Masters, an impoverished brewer. Mr. Masters was so poor he dressed John in used .

My mother was a cook. She refused to use artificial vanilla extract and insisted on freshly ground nutmeg.

We knew she was destined to be a classical actress. At fourteen months of age, when other children utter , she was quoting Shakespeare.


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