Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #112

  1. gumshoe
  2. hopsacks
  3. jabberwocky
  4. juju
  5. persnickety

Put the correct word's number in each box:

We knew she was destined to be a classical actress. At fourteen months of age, when other children utter , she was quoting Shakespeare.

While reaching for a business card in his trench coat, Dick Tracy said to the platinum blonde, "For a thousand bucks a day, I'll be your ."

The Liberian woman braided some roots and presented them to her husband. Believing in West African superstitions, she hoped her would protect her husband in battle.

In 1851, John was born to Matthew Masters, an impoverished brewer. Mr. Masters was so poor he dressed John in used .

My mother was a cook. She refused to use artificial vanilla extract and insisted on freshly ground nutmeg.


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