Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #111

  1. casus belli
  2. bombastic
  3. buncombe
  4. cabriole
  5. cogitate

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I'm not sure I want to do this deal," the businessman said. "Let me for a week." After seven days of contemplation, the businessman decided to pass.

Senator Perfidy is no public servant. He asks not what he can do for his constituents, but what his constituents can do for him. But that doesn't stop him from conjuring up effusive, "patriotic" claptrap to pander to the voters. We know it's all , however, and will vote him out of office in the next election.

Mr. Orotund's latest novel provides more of the overblown, pompous prose he has manufactured for over a decade. We could improve our literary scene by deporting the Mr. Orotund.

President Bush asserted that 9/11 was the for the war in Iraq. Democrats claimed that 9/11 was no justification for invading Iraq, claiming that Iraq was not involved in the 2001 terrorist incident.

The ballet dancer executed a perfect . Her leap left us speechless.


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