Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #107

  1. agglutinated
  2. antinomian
  3. autodidact
  4. belie
  5. sanguine

Put the correct word's number in each box:

The maple syrup I spilled on my book the pages. Unable to separate them, I had to buy a new copy.

"I'm an ," Mr. Spindle said. "I can steal. I can rape. I can murder. It doesn't matter. I believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ, so my soul will be saved."

Regarded by many as one of the greatest technologists and business leaders, Mr. Jotes has never taken a class in technology or business management. He is an .

"I know you believe your appearance before the grand jury went well," the lawyer told her client. "But your expectations of escaping trial are premature. The emails recovered from the hard drive of your computer the testimony you gave to the grand jury. False testimony is a crime, and even if you are not charged with embezzlement, the prosecutor could go after you for perjury."


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