Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #106

  1. sidereal
  2. slapdash
  3. superciliously
  4. surfeits
  5. suss

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I'm majoring in astronomy," Marc said. "I plan to devote my life to investigation."

Burdened with a piano lesson, soccer practice and a Cub Scout meeting, Bobby had little time to write his book report. He submitted a paper that earned him a D.

My arrogant teacher misrepresented several aspects of World War II. When I confronted him about his inaccuracies, he glared at me .

Frequent of vodka and beer caused Grandpa Pete's alcoholic hepatitis.

"Mary suspects her husband is having an affair with a Westminster Abbey tour guide, and she intends to investigate," Jane Marples said. "If anyone can out her man, Mary can."


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