Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #106

  1. sidereal
  2. slapdash
  3. superciliously
  4. surfeits
  5. suss

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I'm majoring in astronomy," Marc said. "I plan to devote my life to investigation."

Burdened with a piano lesson, soccer practice and a Cub Scout meeting, Bobby had little time to write his book report. He submitted a paper that earned him a D.

Frequent of vodka and beer caused Grandpa Pete's alcoholic hepatitis.

"Mary suspects her husband is having an affair with a Westminster Abbey tour guide, and she intends to investigate," Jane Marples said. "If anyone can out her man, Mary can."

My arrogant teacher misrepresented several aspects of World War II. When I confronted him about his inaccuracies, he glared at me .


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