Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #104

  1. cretin
  2. gewgaws
  3. mackinaws
  4. quashed
  5. vestiges

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"Escusez-moi? You want me to wear this dress?" asked the haughty aristocrat. "The cut is acceptable, but look at these ! Such ornamentation is positively gauche."

After the hurricane, all that remained were the of a once thriving city.

During the coldest of winter nights, the American Indians were grateful for their . Usually disappointed with products made by the U.S. Government, the Indians learned that no one economized when making these blankets.

After poll officials uncovered voting irregularities in several towns, the federal elections magistrate the election results. This nullification required campaigns to start anew, with a return visit to the polls scheduled for early December.

"I raised you to marry an intelligent, refined man…not a ," Mr. Carnegie told his daughter. "You are to dump this imbecile, and from now on you will date only young men in our class."


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