Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #104

  1. cretin
  2. gewgaws
  3. mackinaws
  4. quashed
  5. vestiges

Put the correct word's number in each box:

After poll officials uncovered voting irregularities in several towns, the federal elections magistrate the election results. This nullification required campaigns to start anew, with a return visit to the polls scheduled for early December.

During the coldest of winter nights, the American Indians were grateful for their . Usually disappointed with products made by the U.S. Government, the Indians learned that no one economized when making these blankets.

"Escusez-moi? You want me to wear this dress?" asked the haughty aristocrat. "The cut is acceptable, but look at these ! Such ornamentation is positively gauche."

After the hurricane, all that remained were the of a once thriving city.

"I raised you to marry an intelligent, refined man…not a ," Mr. Carnegie told his daughter. "You are to dump this imbecile, and from now on you will date only young men in our class."


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