Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #102

  1. callithump
  2. entreaties
  3. panzer
  4. plenipotent
  5. untenable

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Grabbing pots and pans that they banged with serving spoons, the housewives started a . This noisy parade of materfamilias followed the newlyweds as they walked through the center of town.

Scholars once thought the earth was the center of the Solar System, but with the acquisition of more astronomical data, that theory became .

The dictator can execute anyone he wants; he is . Several members the Capitalist Party have pleaded with the dictator to spare their lives, but he ignored their . All were executed.

In World War II, Heinrich Keller drove a Tiger II, one of the largest armored tanks. He frequently bragged about how many troops he killed with the .


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