Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #102

  1. callithump
  2. entreaties
  3. panzer
  4. plenipotent
  5. untenable

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Scholars once thought the earth was the center of the Solar System, but with the acquisition of more astronomical data, that theory became .

The dictator can execute anyone he wants; he is . Several members the Capitalist Party have pleaded with the dictator to spare their lives, but he ignored their . All were executed.

In World War II, Heinrich Keller drove a Tiger II, one of the largest armored tanks. He frequently bragged about how many troops he killed with the .

Grabbing pots and pans that they banged with serving spoons, the housewives started a . This noisy parade of materfamilias followed the newlyweds as they walked through the center of town.


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