Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #101

  1. geodesy
  2. pleonasm
  3. recusant
  4. sanguineous
  5. steganography

Put the correct word's number in each box:

"I will never go out with Wally Hirschorn," Marcia said. "Never! Never, never, never, never! Not ever. Not until the end of time. Never!" With a like that, we believed her.

Today's sunset was far redder than the norm; it was . Was the sunset a harbinger of blood to be shed in tomorrow's battle?

"Would you call my client a ?" the defense attorney asked the witness. "Are you trying to imply that he flouted the law and refused to submit to the authority of the police?"

The of this 19th Century criminal is so effective that even today we cannot break his code. No one has been able to craft an algorithm to decipher the hidden message of his documents.

People wishing to work in will benefit from knowledge of mathematics, cartography, surveying and even gravitational physics.


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