Dave's Choice Words: Exercise #10

  1. adulatory
  2. armamentarium
  3. ideologue
  4. louche
  5. vainglorious

Put the correct word's number in each box:

Should we cover the breasts of statues that some consider ?

After winning the Pulitzer Prize, the writer said, "I'm not surprised I'm the winner. Not since Shakespeare has the world seen anyone with my command of the English language!"

Initially the plan appeared viable, but we came to realize it had been developed by an . As we tried to put the plan into action, we learned how impractical it was.

After class, the professor confronted her sycophantic student. The professor said, "Your gestures towards me are amusing, but remember that such behavior won't get you a better grade."

If the nineteenth century of criminal investigation had been what it is today, someone from Scotland Yard would have captured Jack the Ripper.


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